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We are a medium-sized company with meanwhile around 110 sympathetic and competent employees. Since 1994 we have been producing high-quality turning and milling components in small and medium series for demanding customers, such as for example for customers working in the sectors of medical technology, laser technology, optomechanics and measurement technology. In our own electroplating we anodize aluminium components, which either come from our own production and/or as a service for customers from many economic sectors. You have to face new challenges all the time: In 2021, we expanded our portfolio of manufacturing processes to include start hole drilling and (wire) erosion. For the year 2022 as well, no standstill is planned. This is where the foundation is laid for our expansion of the production fields. 

Our current employment opportunities

INSTALLER FOR CNC (male/female/diverse) - Turning

You work in a 3-shift system on modern CNC lathes. You are responsible for programming, setting up and equipping the machines as well as for the continuous quality control of the mechanical parts. The machining of various materials such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastic is a new challenge every day. You work closely with your team. In your role you are characterized by a high degree of reliability and prudence.

Your assignments:

  • CNC program creation and lathe setup
  • Independent compilation of the required tools
  • Placement, monitoring and correction during operation
  • Responsibility for quality and accuracy of workpieces
  • Monitoring and minor maintenance work on the machines

Your profile:

  • Completed training in a metalworking profession (preferably machinist)
  • preferably work experience as CNC lathe operator
  • Reading a technical drawing, interpreting tolerances
  • careful and careful work, independently and in a team
  • a high sense of quality and responsibility

Our offer:

An open and friendly atmosphere in a committed team, lively cooperation, agility and lots of responsibility awaits you. No boredom will crop up when manufacturing demanding parts for different customers in small series.

Support, qualification opportunities and sufficient familiarisation time are just as self-evident as surcharges for shift work and overtime, subsidies for old-age provision and company health management.

Please send your compelling application to:

ELECTROPLATER (male/female/diverse) – system supervisor / shift supervisor

You enjoy surface coating and you have received qualified training in this field? In this case you may be the desired reinforcement for our enterprise. Apply now! 

Your assignments:

  • Surface treatment an on milled, turned and sheet-metal parts with electroplated processes according to the specifications. 
  • Preparing, controlling and supervising of the semiautomatic refinement plant and the manufacturing processes in a 3-shift system.
  • Examination of the parts and the procedure documentation as well as preparation and setting of the process
  • In-process quality checks of the manufactured parts according to the quality guideline 
  • performing minor maintenances works and performance of minor maintenance and small service operations 

Your qualifications are:

  • vocational education as an electroplater, surface coater, process engineer or a comparable degree in metal or chemical science 
  • capacity for teamwork
  • vocational experience in the field of anodising desirable
  • prepared to work in a 3-shift system

Our offer:

An open and friendly atmosphere in a committed team, lively cooperation, agility and lots of responsibility awaits you. No boredom will crop up when manufacturing demanding parts for different customers in small series.

Support, qualification opportunities and a sufficient period of vocational adjustment go without saying as well as allowances for pension provisions and a corporal health management as well as further perks of the job do.

Please send your compelling application to:

Apprenticeship as a CUTTING MACHINE OPERATOR male/female/diverse) turning and milling technology

You are not all thumbs? Are you good at handling people? Do you convince others by reliability, diligence and are you quick on the uptake? Would you like to work in an exciting work environment? - We have exactly the right training for you:

Summary of the training opportunities:

  • Diploma: cutting machine operator (male/female)
  • duration of apprenticeship: 3 and a half years
  • start of apprenticeship: 1 september 2024

Your assignments:

  • As a cutting machine operator you will primarily need manual dexterity and power of concentration, for we work with an accuracy on the level of a thousandth millimetre.
  • During your apprenticeship you will learn how to read engineering drawings and manufacturing drawings, how to write programs for computer-controlled machine tools and to work according to them.
  • You will perform quality inspections and learn how to handle calliper gauges, micrometre gauges and calibres.
  • You will participate in important projects 
  • … And many more exciting things are waiting for you!

Your profile:

  • A good Realschulabschluss [the rough equivalent of: school-leaving certificate usually taken after the fifth year of secondary school; General Certificate of Secondary Education (British); high school diploma (American)]
    (School grade “B” in the mathematical/technical/science subjects)
  • Sound understanding of technical issues
  • Willingness to learn, reliability and capacity for teamwork

Our offer:

  • You will receive an interesting, comprehensive and practice related training
  • You will be assisted by experienced and competent contact persons 
  • We offer you optimal training conditions by a dynamic work environment
  • Allowances for old age pension provision and our own company’s healthcare management
  • Fair payment according to wage agreements 

Please send your compelling application to:


We offer an ideal working environment

In our dynamic and innovative company, we will offer you an ideal working environment. In order to enable a concentrated and relaxed work, we always ensure that all workstations are clean and easily accessible. Furthermore, the noise pollution is limited to a minimum level. During the breaks, our employees also have a quiet recreation room put at their disposal. Here you will find a selection of drinks, as well as ways to warm up the food you bring with you to the company. We will provide the suitable work clothing. If needed, you can hand this clothing in for washing on site. 

Continuing education and training

We are convinced that a pleasant working environment promotes employees and companies alike. 

That is the reason why we attach a significant importance to the further training and education of our employees. After that, our employees put their newly acquired expertise into practice on our machines. In this manner, we always meet the ideas of constructors and designers. 

Start a qualified training at our company

In today's world, a qualified training is the basis for a successful employment relationship. Nevertheless, we also would like to give unskilled or non-industry people the chance to prove themselves. Thanks to the targeted training and optimal instruction, we have now also successfully integrated employees from other branches of the economy. 

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